Using the experience and education acquired throughout my career, I have been involved as a designated expert and litigation consultant in insurance and financial litigation matters. I have been hired by both plaintiff and defense attorneys, written expert reports, been deposed multiple times, and testified in federal court. My case experience has involved life insurance policy valuation issues, life settlement transactions, premium financing, standard of care claims, negligent oversight, and suitability issues.

Policy Valuation

Pursuant to a divorce decree issued by a Family Court, the division of two cash value life insurance policies was called into question. The issue to be determined was the proper calculation required in valuing a life insurance policy.

Agent Standard of Care

A key employee died while traveling overseas for business. His employer had used a major bank to acquire a key person life insurance policy but, unfortunately, the employer neglected to update their mailing address. As a result the policy lapsed before the employee’s death. Primary issues in this case concerned the bank’s standard of care, negligence, and the existence of a special relationship between the plaintiff and various bank employees.

Life Settlement Transaction

Proceeds from a life settlement were used to purchase a new life insurance policy that subsequently lapsed. Issues to be determined involved the insurance agent’s standard of care and matters concerning trustee fiduciary liability, policy design, and cash flow budgeting.


As part of a complex Stranger Originated Life Insurance ("STOLI") scheme, an agent fraudulently issued multiple policies, then later sold those policies in life settlement transactions. Factors in this case included misrepresentations, manipulated life expectancies, altered medical records, and fraudulent life settlement transactions.

Premium Financing

An elderly wealthy gentleman suffered a large financial loss as a result of a life insurance policy lapsing and a premium financing loan being called. Issues in this case concerned the standard of care for the insurance agent and the banker, along with the reasonable expectations of parties in a premium financing transaction.


A sophisticated, well-informed investor and business owner purchased a premium financed index universal life policy and filed a complaint after poor stock market performance. The issue concerned the responsibility for the policy underperformance.